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Mr. Yamashita and Designer of GT-R R34 Mr. Mizuno Provide Exclusive Interview!

President of the jury at the CDA Design Competition Mr. Toshio Yamashita (read more about Mr. Yamashita) and the man people call “Mr. GT-R” Mr. Mizuno (Kazutoshi Mizuno: The Man in Front of GT-R-REPORT) conducted an exclusive interview to discuss “The Behind the Scenes of Design Development.” Mr. Yamashita and Mr. Mizuno share memories of their projects, Nissan 300ZX[Z32] in which Mr. Yamashita worked as a Chief Designer and Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 ― the true masterpieces in the history of cars.

Your curiosity already might be aroused by just the title. There is no doubt that their two designers have made their mark on the industry and shaped it through great designs. And what a design story they have had. This is one of the best interviews that you cannot miss. We would recommend watching this interview to all car lovers as well as those who are interested in car design.

A whole interview is available to subscribers of note; however, a part of the interview; “The Behind the Scenes of Development of GT-R R34” has now special access for free of charge. It will take 3 minutes to watch yet it is rich in content.

We hope you enjoy watching it!
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