Features of Car Design Academy

CDA's unique methods


You submit a work for each lesson through our learning system.
* You could send questions as you submit your work if there is something unclear.

CDA's unique methods

a video feedback and corrections

The submitted work will be corrected by our professional car designer. The advice can be about the work, personal habits, or skill improvement. The detailed advises boost students further improvement.
*Feedback is give in 2 – 5 days after the work submission.
(It can delay depending on conditions.)

CDA's unique methods

Direct feedback through video chats

Students could directly make an appointment with instructors for video chats, and receive further explanations for points that students felt unclear in the video feedback. It could also serve as a precious opportunity for students to learn directly from professionals about the industry and job hunting situations.

Access over 1,000 student works and feedback videos even after completion of the course

CDA student's works

Student works