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3 Reasons Our Online Program is Best

    1. CDA’s Unique Learning System

    2. One-to-One instruction with Instructor who is currently working as professional car designer

    3. Your instructor will provide video feedback on your works. You can watch it as often as needed to grasp things that you may have missed.
    4. CDA Original Learning Materials

    5. The CDA provides the coursework—including original video lectures and online texts that are aimed not just beginners but any designers, art students, and even professionals, who would like to increase their value as a designer.
    1. Leaning Platform – You’re not alone!

    2. The CDA Competition

    3. The CDA Competition is annually held twice a year and open to all CDA students both current and former students across the globe, that aim at gaining substantial experience for you and accelerating your achievement.
    4. Access to more than 1,000 student works

    5. Once joined in CDA, you can access to view more than 1,000 student works and the feedback videos on them, even after completing the course.
    6. Collaborative Space

    7. You can freely exchange thoughts, post work, and provide or receive comments on our school system. You and your peers who come from across the globe for learning car design support and push each other!
    1. Support

    2. As follow-up support, you will have a conference with your instructor.

    3. You can talk anything to your instructor even such about recruitment. If you have any concerns or worries, of course, your instructor will answer and give you suggestions to maximize your learning experience at CDA.

How it Works

CDA's unique methods


You will submit your work for each lesson through our learning system.
* You can also post questions with your submissions if you have any questions or anything you want to tell to your instructor.

CDA's unique methods

Video Feedback

Your work will be critiqued by our professional car designer, pointing out both positive aspect and points to be improved such as personal habits etc. on your works. The detailed feedback will boost your further improvement.
*Feedback is provided in 2 – 5 business days from the date you submitted.
(It may take more time depending on conditions.)

CDA's unique methods

Learning Support by Instructor

You can interact with your instructor through video chat. You will receive further explanations for the area you may have trouble in the video feedback. It will be a precious opportunity for you to learn directly from professionals and receive advice on your recruiting activities, trends, or opportunities.

Student works

Access over 1,000 student works and feedback videos even after completion of the course

CDA student's works