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Privacy Policy

■Concerning handling of personal information
Car Design Academy’s operating company, NORI,inc. (hereby referred to as ‘our company’) believes that it is a social responsibility to manage personal information pertaining to customers thoroughly and appropriately. Our company’s stance on the handling of personal information is outlined below.
■Concerning collection of personal information
Upon use of contents and services of our company’s websites, the customer may be asked to provide information used to distinguish his/her identity (hereby referred to as ‘personal information’) through an input form or other means. In such a case, the usage of requested information will be made clear beforehand and personal information will only be collected upon receiving consent from the customer. The customer’s personal information will not be collected without his/her consent.
■Concerning purposes for using personal information
Personal information collected will be used in an appropriate manner for the following purposes.
1) In order to provide services and support and curriculum throughout the course.
2) In order to provide the necessary texts and software for the course.
3) In order to confirm application for events and seminars.
4) In order to provide e-mail services.
5) In order to provide services and support after graduation.
6) Means of contact and other information deriving from services provided may be used as a vehicle for various notifications for marketing and other forms of analysis.
■Concerning use of personal information
1) Our company uses collected personal information in an appropriate manner for the aforementioned purposes and every precaution is taken to protect the rights of our customers.
2) When a customer provides our company with personal information, our company may use that information to send, through e-mail or other methods, information concerning courses, promotions, etc. However, if the customer does not wish to receive this information, they may contact the information desk to request this service to be ceased.
■Concerning management and storage of personal information
1) Our company exercises appropriate management of personal information collected from the customer and endeavors to ensure this information is not leaked to outside parties. Also, our company is committed to the safe storage of personal information and takes every precaution to prevent illegal access, destruction, or alteration of personal information from outside parties.
2) Our company strictly manages access to databases containing personal information and restricts access to authorized personnel only, in order to prevent internal illegal usage. 3) Any personal information provided by our customers will not be released, without customer consent, to any party outside of our company, consignees, and business partners. However, personal information may be provided or released, without customer consent, in the case where reasonable disclosure is demonstrated by an official body through police, court, or legal disclosure order.
■Traffic Analysis Tool & Cookie Policy
We use analytic tool, “Google Analytics.” This tool stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you. We use this information for statistical analysis purposes in order to improve your browsing experience on our website. A cookie does not identify any individual. You can choose to accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your browser. If you decline, your information won’t be tracked.
For more details about this policy, please read"Google Analytics Terms of Service."
■Advertising & Cookie Policy
We use “Google Ads” service provided by Google. This service may use cookies for aiming to show you relevant ads based on your interests. For more details, please read"Advertising – Privacy & Terms – Google."
Our company may entrust, in part or in whole, the handling of personal information gathered in an appropriate manner for the purposes outlined in ‘Concerning purposes for using personal information’ to a consignee. In this case, our company will conduct the necessary and appropriate supervision of the consignee, directing them to take measures equal to or greater than our own, in order to safely manage and store our customers’ personal information.
■Concerning reviews of Privacy Policy
Our company will continue to review the contents of this policy and endeavor to improve it.

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