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Nori’s Design Talk

【Nori’s Design Talk vol.6】
Compact Mobility

In this column, Mr. Nori Kurihara sketches out “2-seater compact mobility!”

【Nori’s Design Talk – vol.5】
A Special Car, “Shooting-brake”

Mr. Nori Kurihara talks an episode with Ogle Design, a British design company, and also writes about his special feeling for “Shooting-brake” in this column.

【Nori’s Design Talk – vol.4】
This is My Ideal Pickup Truck!

Mr. Nori Kurihara tells about a pickup truck in this article. His car sketch makes us feel refreshed, and it fits in with the early summer image.

【Nori’s Design Talk – vol.3】
Longing for Italy

Mr. Kurihara had led a life of car designer in Italy and still yearns for the life. This column tells what he loves about Italian lifestyle with his car sketch.

【Nori’s Design Talk – vol.2】
Car Designer: The Dream Career?

He addresses his concerns about the issues facing the car design industry today and his expectations on CDA. We hope you all enjoy reading this!

【Nori’s Design Talk – vol.1】
Super Sports Car: Way Too Ambitious?

The serial column in Tipo, automotive enthusiast magazine in Japan, written by Nori Kurihara will start on CDA! The first column is “Sports Car for a New Era.”