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Open Doors to Car Design Opportunities

In this course, you can take a step towards your future career as a car designer for only $99 $49, gaining access to high-quality course content. Accelerate your learning with rich materials and over 700 feedback videos provided by CDA instructors, identical to those in our regular course. Learn at your own pace and build your future career. Are you ready to open the door to your future now?

Course Features

  • Gain access to learning materials that cover the same content as the CDA Exterior Course.

    These materials are of high quality and are used by students studying at CDA.

  • Browse through students' submissions and watch approximately 700 feedback videos provided by our instructors.

    You can review submissions and videos (each video is about 30 minutes long) that have been archived in our academy.

  • Access the results of the CDA Design Competition, an exclusive event for our students.

    During the competition, the chief judge offers advice and comments on each entry. You can review winning works and watch these advice videos on the page.


Takeru Can

Takeru Can

Product Designer

After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School, he joined the car design company, Nori Inc. that was established by Mr. Noriyoshi Kurihara, one of the most well-regarded car designers in the world. During his time under Mr. Kurihara, he worked in projects mainly on automotive, and proceeded to two wheeled vehicles, product designs, graphics, and monument designs. Today he covers various areas of design ranging from the concept planning - idea sketches, rendering, to 3D data modeling. He has served as CEO of the company since 2020

What You'll Learn

  • Perspective theory
  • Understanding Accurate Proportion
  • Marker Technique
  • Digital Painting Technique
  • Concept Creation
  • Package Layout
  • Rendering Technique
  • How to Create Concept Board
  • Created Portfolio

3 Reasons Our Online Program is Best

CDA’s Unique Learning System that accelerates your growth

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Once joined in CDA, students can access to view more than 1,000 other student works at anytime, even after completing the course

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The CDA Design Competition is open to both, current and graduate CDA students from all over the world.

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First Half of the Course (12 Lessons)

Start with basic sketching skills of car design

Second half of the Course (12 Lessons)

Design new vehicles that don’t exist yet and Create your design portfolio

Video Feedback Sample

You can select the way you receive instructor’s feedback either Live Feedback Session or On-demand Lesson for your assignment. Either way all lessons are recorded, so you can go back and rewatch contents as needed, and it will assist you to fully understand. Click the button to watch sample videos via YouTube [YouTube Playlist]

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How Do CDA Courses Work?

ADVANTAGES for your present and future of learning after enrollment in CDA.

Keep Access as Long as You Like

As long as you have an Internet connection, CDA courses are accessible from anywhere in the world. You can continue to access our program even after completing the course.

  • Access the school system

  • Browse course materials

This Course Benefits

  • Participate in CDA Design Competition for $69.

  • Participate in the CDA exclusive competition for a one-time fee of $69. Students from around the world join CDA competitions, receiving feedback from the head judge.
  • Experience lesson session

  • Experience one lesson session for $99. This session is similar to those offered in the CDA Exterior Course and is conducted via one-on-one online video chat.
    *This experience lesson session is available only one time.

Admission Process

  • Step 1.

    Click 'Apply' button. Fill out and submit the online application form.

  • Step 2.
    Submit Payment

  • Step 3.
    Log-in to CDA Learning System

    You will receive log-in information and procedure for CDA learning system as soon as we confirm your payment.

Example of Student Sketches
- Before and After -

Not only beginners, but also students at all levels including intermediate or advanced level are realizing their improvements.

  • before-after
  • before-after
  • before-after
  • before-after
  • before-after
  • before-after
  • before-after
  • before-after
  • before-after


  • Q. Is it a subscription?

    A. No, it's a one-time purchase.

  • Q. How long can I access the content?

    A. You can access it as long as our service continues.

  • Q. Can I ask questions to the instructor?

    A. No, this course is designed as a low-cost self-learning option. If you need instructor assistance, consider enrolling in the CDA Exterior Course.

  • Q. Can I participate in CDA competitions?

    A. Yes, for those who have taken this course, paying a one-time fee of $69 makes it possible. CDA competitions occur twice a year, and the timing is communicated to students via email.

Student Testimonials

  • "The biggest thing which helped me was participation in competitions."

    Jonathan / Designer

    CDA puts importance on developing skills and accurate perspectives in sketch, which I like about this course. And CDA walks you through. After each lesson, there is a video, which literally teaches all the points you need. The biggest thing which helped me was participation in competitions, in which everybody was allowed to express themselves and bring all they had learnt.

  • "I got more comfortable at developing car design concepts and presenting my ideas."

    Alireza Saeedi / KISKA Designer

    The biggest benefit for me was to be able to work hard at home. I kept on sketching and I got better. I got more comfortable at developing car design concepts and presenting my ideas. It was a pleasure being instructed by Mr. Can. Although I got my feedback in a video format from him, the communication and the input that I got from him was amazing.

  • "CDA has helped me build my portfolio, and the things I have learned were very similar to my internship."

    Agri Bisono / Car Designer

    I feel that many schools across the world do not support the job search process, but CDA was very aggressive in the job search process in the Car Design industry.

  • "I was very much impressed by the contents of the materials."


    The text materials provided in the lesson have almost all of the info regarding car design and I was very much impressed by the contents of the materials. For each lesson I always submitted thinking there is no error and it’s the best I could do, but after their advice only a bit of tweaking would give my work more professional taste, of which I never thought. CDA also makes you a very competitive person in the job market, after the completion of the course.”

  • "To all the instructors, thank you for your patience. I really appreciate the detailed corrections."


    1.) Text materials – very detailed, 2.) Video Text – the video texts are also top notch., 3.) Instructor’s review – I can’t believe how much my instructor’s reviews have helped me in improving my sketches. I can see an improvement with each assignment.

  • "The text materials and video text were excellent in cultivating my sketching skills."

    Kaustubh Adhav

    I personally benefited a lot from CDA’s Total Design Course. My skills have improved by leaps and bounds. The concepts that I used to design before CDA looked amateur and now my skills have progressed to become more professional over time.

  • "I have learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about the whole process of car design."


    The materials have let me understand the detailed process from the main idea, sketches, renderings and until the final compositions. The feedback is much more about what I expected. The feedback is really fast and completed and the Lessons are really good programmed.

  • "I learned efficient way to draw sketches."

    H.T / Car Desginer

    I’m very satisfied with the curriculum and could learn the efficient way to draw sketches including rendering and adding corrections on my work, that I really wanted to learn. I am usually required to produce any outputs within a restricted time in my job, so I had been looking for the way.

  • “I was not expecting this much detailed feedback.”

    Y.O /College Student

    I am not major in design at college, but I have been interested in taking a job in the car industry. I have been feeling that a certain level of understanding on car designing is needed regardless what kind of department I would be assigned for. I had considered about studying abroad in a school where specialized in car design; however, I had to put more importance on getting a job first. It’s my pleasure that I received comments from overseas in CDA.

  • "The teacher’s drawing over my sketch was clearly addressing my problems"

    Tetsuya Takahashi

    I was thinking of taking course at CDA while working. I wanted to check if I can manage my time, the pace of lessons, and how lessons are conducted. All my problems on sketch were solved by correcting my perspective that pointed out from my instructor. I am now realizing that learning directly from professionals is important.

  • "Participating in CDA Design Competition helps my skills improve besides lessons."

    K.S / College Student

    The CDA Design Competition provides a valuable experience to students. In the competition, students are rated on their designs and ranked in the results. I am inspired with other student’s works for the competition, and try to take their good point in my works.

  • " By receiving precise advice and corrections from my instructor, I could know the points where I had to improve."

    Momoka /Art College Student

    I’m major in mobility design at my college and I felt the ability difference with other students, so I had to get more skills especially in sketch. Instructions from my instructor in CDA are easy to understand, and I can watch real professional technique in the feedback video, that really helps me.

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