How long does it take to finish one class?

It really depends. The advantage of online training is “You manage the pace of lessons by yourself. Also depends on which course you are enrolled in, either Total Course, or Design Technical Course, or Quarter View Sketch Course.

(ex.Some students finish in 1 week, but some students finish 4 weeks. It also depends on the class. For example, you will need at least 3-4 weeks for the sketching class with PC.)

Tell me more about homework assignments.

You will be asked to submit homework in each lesson. You can manage the schedule by yourself. Once you done, you scan and upload it to our Cloud Classroom. Then our teaching staff will review it, and send back you his “Advice & Corrections”, which is upload to the Cloud Classroom site.

※ Normally it takes one week for our teacher to review and send back his “Advice and Corrections.”

One interesting feature of CDA is your homework and teachers “Advice & Corrections” will be shared with other students And of course, you can look at those of other students.

Can I look at the teaching materials later? For example, can I look at the same class material over and over again?

Yes, you can. All teaching materials are available all the time ever after you complete the course. Homework sketches are also available. We commit revising our teaching materials always and implementing your advice from feedbacks.

※You can not receive comments from teachers after finishing toe course.

Tell me more about the Skype Interview.

We are currently conducting one-on-one Web Camera based discussion session. Each session is about a half an hour, and 4 times for the Total Course and 2 times for the Design Technical Course. Our Interviewers are Mr. Nori Kurihara and Mr. Can.

We will coordinate the schedule which best suits to you during the business hours of weekdays Japan time.

Can you help me organize my design portfolio together?

Yes. We will. In the Total Course, the second half of the course will be planned for creating portfolio. For the Design Technical Course you can ask our suggestion in the cloud classroom or during Skype Interview.


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