Admission | Car Design Academy | Online car design school


1. Courses

2. Start Date

Aug. 1st, 2024

3. Eligibility

  • Age of a student must be 12 years old or above, or be able to understand perspectives. Consent of parent is required under 18 years old.
  • Student must have a strong passion and eager to learn car design.
  • Student must be resposible to pay tuition.

4. Tuition and Fees

Monthly Payment Plan

The tuition is paid every month for the course until completion. You can select a plan depending on your learning pace.

PlansTuitionEntrance FeesFeedback/Month
Plan L$449$3493
Plan M$349$3492
Plan S$199$3491

*You can carry over unused feedback into the next calendar month (up to 3 months).

*You can change your plan at any time; however, in that case, you cannot carry over unused feedback.

5. Tuition Payment

  • The Entrance Fees & Payment for the first month shall be paid within a week from the date you apply.
  • The tuition must be paid by the 25th of the preceding month.

6. Admission Process

  • 1.Complete your application.
  • 2.Submit payment.
  • 3.Log-in to school system.
  • 4.Video conference with your instructor.
  • 5.Welcome to the academy! Start your car design learning.