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Course Contract

Article 1 (establishment of contract)
1. Car Design Academy (hereby referred to as ‘our school’) acknowledges that course applicants (hereby referred to as ‘the applicant’) have read the contents of the application form and consent to all provisions below in applying to our school.
2. Regardless of the conditions set forth in the above clause, parental consent must be attained before a contract can be established in the case that the applicant is a minor.
Article 2 
The applicant is personally responsible for preparation of and expenses related to attaining the following items and setting up the following environment. In this matter, our school assumes no responsibility whatsoever.
1. Personal e-mail address capable of sending and receiving electronic mail
2. Internet accessible environment with the ability to view and listen to online video content
3. Either Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai
4. Tools such as art materials used in this course and pen/graphic tablet
Article 3 (refusal reasons)
Our school reserves the right to turn down an application or cancel a contract for one or more of the following reasons.
(1) If it is clear that the conditions set forth in article 2 have not been or will not be met.
(2) If there is no room to grant the applicant acceptance into their desired learning guidance curriculum due to over-capacity or any other instance that makes it impossible to provide necessary services.
(3) If it becomes clear to our school that minimum capacity requirements will not be met in the applicant’s desired learning guidance curriculum.
(4) If course fees are not paid by the date determined by our school.
(5) In the case of installment payments, if course fees are not paid by the dates determined by our school.
(6) In case of monthly payment plan, if tuition for next month is not completed by the due date.
(7) Any other grounds deemed as unacceptable by our school.
Article 4 (provision of services and consideration and payment)
1. Our school provides services stated in the contents of the recruitment guidelines and in the application form of the applicant’s chosen lecture courses determined by our school.
2. The applicant is to pay all course fees specified in the application form by a date determined by our school.
Article 5 (lecture style)
Below is a description of the lecture style used at our school.
(1) The applicant conducts self-study using course materials distributed as text and video through the internet using the online classroom, Google Classroom. Lecturers provide guidance throughout, offering example problems, corrections, and advice.
Article 6 (first day of the course and validity period of course)
Our school deems the first day of class as being the day when payment is made toward class fees. Class is considered in session as long as course materials have been distributed. The length of each course and number of lectures are valid for a period stated in each course information page. After the end of period, corrections and advice from lecturers will no longer be available. Student understands that the validation of each credit of feedback is three months from the date of the grant with a monthly payment plan, and student will not be able to receive corrections and advice from lecturers after the validity period. Extensions are only granted in extenuating circumstances and shall only be considered on medical or serious events, which are beyond a student’s control or ability to foresee which may have affected a student’s performance or may have impeded a student’s ability to meet a course period. In order for an extension to be approved, students must submit a request before the course completion date.
Article 7 (distribution of course materials)
The course materials are accessed to view all the way through. As a general rule, student must proceed lessons one by one, and move on to the next lesson after accomplishing assignment of the lesson. The access code for CDA Exterior Course -Period II- will be provided after finishing the Period I of CDA Exterior Course (This applies to either the former courses, CDA Total Course or CDA Total Course -Light-).
Article 8 (voluntary cancellation by the applicant)
1. The applicant can cancel any contracts related to a chosen course unconditionally within 8 days of completion of application (submitting a finished application and making a payment).
2. The applicant cannot cancel a contract from the 9th day after a course begins. Our school will not grant any refunds for course fee payments received.
1. In the case of cancelling a contract in accordance with article 8 (voluntary cancellation procedures), section 1, the applicant must state their reason for cancellation on a form provided by our school and submit it through e-mail in order for cancellation to take effect.
Article 9 (in the case of services unable to be provided)
1. In the event that services contracted to the applicant cannot be rendered due to grounds attributable to our school, our school will do its best to find a similar course to meet the needs of the applicant, with the consent of the applicant.
2. If our school is unable to find a suitable replacement course, regardless of the provisions set forth in the preceding section, all course fees will be refunded to the applicant in full. However, our school is not obliged to provide a refund to the applicant should a learning guidance curriculum be unable to be provided for due to grounds not attributable to our school.
Article 10 (use of productions)
1. The applicant agrees to allow our school to freely use, without compensation, any image, video, sound bite, etc., created as part of our school’s curriculum (hereby referred to as ‘course productions’) for the purpose of advertising, exhibiting, and introducing our school. When using course productions, our school reserves the right to omit the original producer’s name.
2. Regarding course productions, all copyright laws and associated laws are to be strictly observed so as not to violate any third party’s copyrights, trademarks, reputation, trust, or image rights. In the unlikely event that a course production from our school should result in a dispute due to the violation of a third party’s rights, the applicant will take full responsibility in resolving the matter and is fully responsible for any financial restitution.
Article 11 (compliance obligation)
1. The applicant is to comply by all of our school’s rules and regulations as well as follow the directions and guidance given by our school’s staff and lecturers.
2. The applicant is not to undertake any action that may violate public order and standards of decency, be slanderous to our school, or be detrimental to the operation of our school.
3. The applicant is to use our school’s course materials, as well as any published work from our school or a third party, in full compliance with copyright laws and other related laws.
4. The applicant is personally responsible for storing all of their own personal belongings and work, including course materials and course productions.
Article 12 (penalties/termination of contract)
In the event that the applicant violates the provision in article 11, section 2, and fails to make the appropriate amends upon warning or counsel, our school reserves the right to suspend the applicant’s learning guidance or terminate the applicant’s contract. In this case, our school is not obligated to refund any amount of payment received during the suspension of classes or before cancellation of the contract.
Article 13 (inevitability clause and disclaimer)
Our school assumes no responsibility for provision, delay, change, interruption, or discontinuance of services or any other losses to the applicant related to the learning guidance curriculum caused by unavoidable circumstances such as war, uprisings, natural disaster, accidents, interruption of communication, mechanical troubles, lecturer death or accident, etc.
Article 14 (dispute resolution)
1. In the event that uncertainties arise concerning the provisions outlined in this agreement, or if any dispute should arise concerning this agreement, both parties are to resolve the issue upon mutual agreement.
2. Matters not specified by this contract are left to be decided by civil law and other related law.
3. In the unlikely event that a dispute should arise between the applicant and our school, the Odawara Branch of the Yokohama Family Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court.
Article 15 (governing law)
This agreement shall be governed by Japanese national law.
Article 16 (contract changes)
This agreement is subject to change without warning depending on circumstances.

【Information Desk】

Car Design Academy / NORI, inc.

  • Enactment Date: June 16th, 2014
  • Revision Date: March 1st, 2020
  • Revision Date: October 1st, 2023