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Congrats! A CDA Student Won the Award at EV Design Contest 2019!

A CDA student, Jihed Zaier, taking our course from Tunisia won the award at the EV Design Contest 2019!
The EV Design Contest organized by APEV is held once every two years in Japan, and this time was the 4th contest held as a part of Symposium for Tokyo Motor Show. The entries had been accepted from students across the globe under a theme; “To propose a design of the future mobility which maximize the potential of zero-emission EV and to show the ways how such future mobility will be involved in the society. (Basically running on the ground).” See more information.
There were 47 entries into the contest with 37 teams from Japan and 10 teams from the rest of the world. Throughout the two screenings, the 10 teams from Japan, Canada, India, and Korea, Tunisia were selected as finalists and moved on to the final presentation, held October 27th in Tokyo.
We are honored to have two CDA students who reached to the final screening at this contest. The contest allows students participating from any individual member or teams (up to six members). Among the most teams were consisted of three to five members, the two students challenged it alone from their home country.
Jihed Zaier, coming from Tunisia won the Tools International Award with his design, “I RECS-U.” He presented an idea of Electric vehicle which able to rescue the people when natural disaster such as earthquake, flooding, or forest fire was occurred, and smoothly take them to the hospital from affected area.
The other CDA student, Tomoki Kaneko presented his design, “CHARGE” at the final. His idea was an Electric vehicle for a smart city in the future. He proposed that not only the vehicle itself, it would enable the entire city to utilize electricity. Although he missed out the awards, his idea was unique and highly evaluated from judges. We are very much looking forward to his future success!

Jihed presented his design at the final

Jihed presented his design at the final.

Tomoki presented his design at the final.

Also,Tomoki presented his design at the final.

Mr. Ariizumi from TOOLS INTERNATIONAL Corporation) and Jihed

Mr. Ariizumi from TOOLS INTERNATIONAL Corporation and Jihed

Jihed, Tomoki, Can (Principal of CDA) and staff of CDA

Staff of CDA, Jihed, Can (Principal of CDA), and Tomoki

Works created by Jihed

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Works created by Tomoki

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Car Design Academy has joined the contest as one of the cooperated companies since 2015, and offered “Car Design Academy Award.” CDA Principal, Mr. Can gave the award to a team named “Hyks.” The team members were all students of Chiba Institute of Technology, and they presented an idea for solving medical issues in the depopulated areas by using the vehicle they have designed. In many countries today, the populations in major metropolitan areas continue to grow, and it is one of the critical issues that require urgent attention. The Hyks brought up such a big issue in the contest and examined how they would approach it with using the vehicle they created, that make us have great expectations on their future and we are looking forward to them continuing to grow as a designer.




Join the Contest If You are Aiming to Become a Car Designer!

This contest offers not just a competitive field to students, but it also aims “to foster the next generation talent” throughout the contest. Therefore, the two design workshops conducted by professional car designers are held after the each of screening in order to provide a special learning opportunity for student development.
Furthermore, on the final, the judging panel composed of famous designers, experts and scholars in the field gathered together at the Tokyo Big Sight Conference Room in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Shiro Nakamura (CEO of SHIRO NAKAMURA DESIGN ASSOCIATES, Former Senior Vice President of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.) was assigned as a top of judges. In addition to Mr. Nakamura, Mr. Tadao Ando (Architect, Professor Emeritus at Tokyo University), Mr. Kiyoyuki Okuyama (Industrial Designer, CEO of KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN), Mr. Akihiro Nagaya (Executive Officer and Chief General Manager of the Design Center at Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd), and Mr. Fan Zhang (Vice President, Head of Design Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.,Ltd) were member of panels.
And besides, CDA instructor, Mr. Toshio Yamashita (CEO of Interobang Design Inc, a designer of the Nissan Fairlady Z Z32) held the workshops with Mr. Can, Principal of CDA. With the enthusiastic support of these judges and instructors, the final of this international contest was being more exciting and interesting. And, students from all over the world were benefit from the judges’ wonderful comments and will continue to innovate the design for the future.

The contest takes place in conjunction with the Tokyo Motor Show, and the next will be held in 2021. It will open to all students from all over the world, and we encourage you to participate in the next contest if you are aiming to become a car designer!

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