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Car Design Academy Student Received Award from Microsoft

Hi! This is Car Design Academy.

We are very happy to inform you that on of our student from India, Kaustubh Adhav, was awarded by Microsoft. Kaustubh just returned to US for reception of MS award. He won the contest of MS Windows 10 Insider Program.

See the event detail, click here.Microsoft is offering a trip to its Redmond headquarters for 10 Windows Insider members

And this is his entry work for the contest.

At this occasion, we would like to share his interview article by MS, which was done before he won the contest, and you will find two fascinating videos. In the videos, he has come up for new Lumia.

click here. Life Meets #Lumia: Kaustubh Adhav(The Microsoft Devices blog)

Also Microsoft has released a blog post and accompanying video. The video shows me a lot of times, once designing a car on the Surface Hub (It was a 88″ of touchscreen and it was pretty cool to draw a car on that!). Link to blog / Link to Video

In the article, he was asked by interviewer, ”Why design only cars and futuristic phones?”

Kaustubh replied, “I personally believe that to be able to design something that delights people is always fulfilling. I find that the two things delight people the most are the cars they drive and the phones they use.”
We love what he is saying.

Congratulations! Kaustubh, all CDA staff is very much pleased that you shared this great news! And we decided to put your stories on our BLOG as well. This is a fantastic event, and your dream to become a car designer is coming closer.