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#4 Award announcement | Theme / Design the future Kei Car for 2020

Hello, everyone!

Car Design Academy, in collaboration with DAIHATSU launches, #4 CDA Design Competition. 

The #4 CDA Design Competition  was held in the end of March, with a theme “Design the future Kei Car for 2020.    

CDA  Design Competition is an arena where all existing and graduate CDA students will compete under one Design Concept to propose his or her ideas. Evaluation Criteria are “Design Originality”, “Design Attractiveness”, and “Sketch Skills.” Evaluaters are 3 CDA instructors. Mr. Yamashita who designed Nissan FairLady Z is responsible for Design Competition program.

If you are interested to see the #3 competition results, please take a look for the link below. A theme for Nov. was “Long Distance Bus in 2020” (See more information about Mr. Yamashita, click here).


#4 Theme 「Design the future Kei Car for 2020」 

Prize List

FIRST PRIZE / Osamu Iwanami


It is a new way to use vehicle, and I could feel the concept. Those materials and colors that used in this design correspond to the theme. Therefore, his intention is very clear. However, his explanation regarding overall design is insufficient, and sketch is incomplete. I would like to see his perfect work next time. (Yamashita)

It is clearly expressed the vehicle as a fashion, that is good. His sketch is expressive. (NORI)


SECOND PRIZE / Carlos Puerta Mascaro


His idea development and definition about a target user are good. He started to decide the concept, and structure and function regarding that concept are reflected onto his design. Those processes have developed as an attractiveness of this design. I have good impression on them. (Yamashita)

This design gives us a futuristic impression. I have got a feeling that he might be going to develop a category of new kei car. If he tries to draw rendering which includes layout more accurately, then it will be much further better. (NORI) 


THIRD PRIZE / Kenji Tanaka  


While considering a size limit of kei car, it expresses the massiveness of vehicle. I feel his 3D conformation skills. His motivation for creating new form and his sense for structural arrangement are shown in this sketch. It is attractive proposal. (Yamashita)

As a result of graphical processing is applied onto a simple surface, he succeeded to give dynamism to such a small vehicle. That’s fantastic. (NORI)


FOURTH PRIZE / Agri Bisono


He develops ideas well as he is pursuing a concept, that is good. He narrow down the final design from idea sketches, and made up the design. Those his skills are high. His work has a taste. (Yamashita)

It gives us an image of new type of small vehicle. It tries to produce futuristic impression; however it should be better the structure between front and rear area to be unified. (NORI)


FIFTH PRIZE / Predrag Stajic Strandhag


This achieves a high completion level. The story presented is very clear and it certainly tells the exhilarating image to viewers, so the communication skill by the sketch is very persuasive. It can be said as a high motivated work which exploring the limit of kei car package. (Yamashita)

The development from concept to sketch is very good. It provides us an expectation of glassy kei car with good visibility which might be releasing in the future. (NORI)


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