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A message from Principal

”We provide a high quality car design education by professionals to people who want to learn designing.”

This is our motto since the founding of this school.

I was born in Okinawa, and came to Tokyo when I was student, with a sheer dream in my heart to work as a product designer. At the time,
I sought ways to make living as designer, there was no chance in rural regions that I could learn professional design skills which I would have been satisfied with. It has been some ten years since then, however, such situation has not been changed much; schools for learning high-level designing are concentrated in urban areas.

Living in a time that everything goes online, I questioned myself if we could create on our own an environment where people can learn designing if we could create a platform where we can pass on skills which ways of modern designing is incorporated, and works in the real world. Thus, I ended up launching Car Design Academy (CDA) with my colleague Mr. Nakasone, former principal of CDA.

CDA has grown to be a school where people with various different minds from all over the world gather, from art college students, high school and tech school students who want to become product designer, professional designers who want to improve their skills, engineers who want to learn designing and utilizing it in their career building, to entrepreneurs. Also, it is my joy to stay connected with alumni who have become designer at leading car companies.

Various different kinds of people share the same learning space, know each other’s works, and compete each other, which ha been creating positive chemical reactions. To see what is happening is beyond my initial imagination.

We can learn skills connected online and having respect to each other.
It is my utmost happiness to see what we have now which I could not even imagine at the founding of the school.

I will keep making further effort so that CDA becomes a better place that helps students in achieving their dreams, and to be of help for anyone in the world who aspires to become a designer.

Takeru Can