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Holger Hutzenlaub

Holger HutzenlaubBorn in 1967. After graduating from the University of Ulm, he went to Pforzheim University to study car design. After that, he joined Mercedes-Benz through 2 internships. He was responsible for E-, S-, and CL classes and exterior/interior designs for various production of cars and was a project manager.In 2003, he took over the management of S-/CL-/SL-/SLK-/SLR-Classes and Maybach planning project. Currently, he is a design director for the advanced design.

I learnt car designing technique by myself because I never got taught by professionals until I did the internship at Mercedes.To become a car designer, a skill to express your imagination in real form.After receiving advices from professionals, your skills such as drawing perfect lines, perspectives and surface expressionsimproves much faster.Who corrects you in the real professional work? No one.So I would have applied to this academic system if there had been one like this when I was a student.The important thing as a car designer is curiosity.To get curious for a lot of things, see with your eyes, touch by yourself and experience various things, these are really important and they’re the basics.I believe that without the constant curiosity,…Learn more