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The Most Common Mistakes That Students Make in Their Car Sketches – 2. Lines

We will have a series of “What are the most 4 common mistakes when students draw car sketches.” Drawing car design is not an art. The sketch you are going to draw is a tool to communicate your idea in your brain on the 2D paper by showing 3D sketches. In Car Design Academy, we noticed some common mistakes or errors done by many students. I will explain these by showing examples.

1. A-Pillar Inclination

2. Lines-Vividness, Waving lines, Thickest line

3. Perspective (1) HL and VP

4. Drawing Tires  Ellipse


2. Lines

Drawing lines in car designing is the basic of basic. Many people misunderstand the importance of manual sketching skill. No matter whichever company you join, are you are trying to join, your manual sketch ability is critically important. For example, if you are in the meeting with performance group engineer, you are always required to show them quick drawing for changes you are discussing. Or, in the middle of night in the bed, some good idea hit, you immediately draw sketches. You cannot draw on digital drawing all the time.

In those cases, if your manual sketch skill is poor, you cannot express what you are discussing, or will not be able to get their reliance. So, manual sketch skill is a core skill for you to seek car designing.

Among those skills, Line Drawing is a basic of basic.

<Bad examples>

 Lines to be waving and wobbly.


Connecting short lines


<Good Example>


Lines, particularly straight lines need to be vivid, draw by single stroke, which expresses the momentum the car is moving. 

Do you know which line should be drawn as the thickest line in the car sketch? The answer is the Line for Body Under. Many students also makes mistakes for this. The typical mistake is to draw equally thick lines for Character Lines, Belt Lines, Cabin Shape lines, and Line for Body Under. Or sometime line for headlamp or such parts have the same thickness.

<Bad Example>

All lines are vivid, line thickness differs between lines, or line under the body is not bold.


Good Example: The line under the body is the thickest. 



You can learn how to draw vivid lines in the Car Design Academy Total Course. We ask you to practice a lot. Without drawing sharp straight lines drawn in one stroke, you will never be a car designer.