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[Interview to CDA Students] Mitsuru Morita, a current student at IED in Italy – Part Ⅱ

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About Learning Systems in IED

C: For going to IED, what kind of entrance exam did you take?

M: This is just my opinion… the exam was pointless. I attended a Skype interview where they checked my English speaking ability. I was asked some questions like my motivation. They seemed checking how much I could communicate in English through the questions. And, I also and turned in the papers called “Motivation Letter” to the school. I wrote it in English.
I also submitted my portfolio which was mainly organized with my car sketches and some art works. I think, the school checked my drawing ability from my portfolio. If you have some preparations to apply art universities like me, you will easily pass this exam. If you are a total beginner, it might be hard to pass the exam.
By the way, I actually wanted to go to IED right after the high school, however IED’s course was held in English during the first grade and they only offered a course in Italy from the second grade. Therefore, I went to the language school for learning Italy for one year before enrolling. IED has changed the system, so now I can take all courses in English.

C: Which means…

M: Yes. I didn’t need to learn Italy at all. lol

C: You participated in CDA and acquired skills while you were learning Italy, so it turned out all right in the end.

M: Yes, that’s right. Around that time, I was just started learning Italy. At the same time, I became to think about learning car design as preparations. I searched on the web and found CDA where I can learn car design from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection. That was the best for me because I already left Japan.
The course structure in CDA has a well-ordered content-starting from how to draw lines and basics of car sketch including perspectives. It was easy to understand. Before enrolling IED, I could learn what is important in car sketch at CDA. This was the great help for me.
In IED, many of professors are strict, and many of students are talented. Among them, I can be myself because I already acquired some skills at CDA. I’m realizing now that preparations are very important. There is a big difference between car sketch and art sketch. If I enrolled with my level in high school, my situation in IED would be more severe.

C: That’s great. I’m happy to hear that CDA could be helpful to you. The next question is, please tell me about the systems in IED.

Skech created before taking the CDA course


C: That’s great. I’m happy to hear that CDA could be helpful to you. The next question is, please tell me about the systems in IED.

M: First of all, IED is three-year school, and student can get a college degree after graduation. The study in IED is very intense because students have to learn everything in three years. The course is offered in Italian for local students or English for international students. IED also has graduate school. They offer one-year program for post graduate students of IED and two-year program for students who come from the other schools. As far as I can see, students who come from the other schools account for about 90% of the whole in the graduate school. Therefore, there is only English program in the graduate school, and local students also have to learn in English together.
The highlight of the graduate school is students will present their project at Geneva Motor Show. (→Geneva Motor Show) The students spend more than a half of year to work the project during the second grade. This study is a part of academic-industrial partnership, and IED will have a partnership with HONDA this year. (→related article
About the tuition, it is interesting that the price is different depending on the time of application. If you apply earlier, you can get the lowest tuition price. If you would like to apply IED, I encourage you to apply as early as possible, otherwise the closer you get to the deadline, the more tuition gets expensive. (→for more information)

C: I’m surprised that. How is the competitive ratio for IED?

M: I’m not sure. It does not open to public. However, you can pass the exam if you can speak English and have some sketching skills. I know that the affordable universities are more competitive. I’ve heard that the competitive ratio of Hochschule Pforzheim in Germany(→Hochschule Pforzheim)is high.

C: Which country has the most students at IED? What is the age range?

M: It’s India. IED has a large number of Indian students. And, also I often meet students who don’t have car design school in their country. The age range is varying. There are students ranging from 19 years old to late 20’s. The relationship among classmates is just like friend, so I can talk frankly with them regardless of age and nationality.

class group photo
with classmates 1
with classmates 3

C: How much levels your classmates had in the beginning?

M: It really depended on individuals. As I said, IED doesn’t have an entrance exam like Japan; therefore both the higher and lower level students were in my class. After enrolling, students face more challenges than they imagined. The IED’s program is actually hard; therefore student who doesn’t have ability or hasn’t made any progress tends to drop out. There were five students in my class who dropped out last year.

C: Well, I just have an interest, the student’s ranking is possible to change during the 1st grade? For example, if a student was at the bottom of ranking in the beginning, can he go up at the end of the semester? How did you place in the class?

M: If you can focus on studying, your skill certainly will be improved. At the same time, the same thing can be said to a student who is in the top of class. So, the ranking goes to almost the same. I have ranked in the top group in my class because I already learned in CDA before enrolling. As I mentioned earlier, please prepare well. Of course, the idea itself is important for design; however skills to convey your idea through a sketch is also important thing. While learning in Europe, I’m strongly feeling it. The course in CDA includes basic lessons such as “how to draw lines.” It will make a big difference if you know it before enrolling. I’m still keeping my place in the second in my class. A student who is older than me keeps the top in my class. His drawings are really well.

C: You are doing well too. Set your sights on the 1st place and keep up with your studies!