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Results from the Ultimate Car Design Battle 2016 (With all 38 Sketches included from each round)

The well-received “ULTIMATE CAR DESIGN BATTLE” that gained a lot of fame and attention last summer was held again on August 28st 2016 as the “ULTIMATE CAR DESIGN BATTLE 2016.” As this was the 2nd official holding of the event, we had entries from many students studying transportation design as well as full time professional workers from all over Japan.

We would like to take this time to deliver you the battle details of the 26 competitors who survived the hard fought-out preliminaries! 

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*The rules for the ULTIMATE CAR DESIGN BATTLE are very simple. One round is competed by a time limit of 30min. A sketch battle fought out by only a pen and marker, the works are judged by the competitors’ sketch skill, design quality and creativity. The judges are consisted of active car designers, and editor of chiefs in major car magazines. There was an eye-popping 100,000 Japanese Yen award for the champion and many other special awards provided by many companies who helped sponsor the event. 


We asked Mr. Sasaki (Art School Student), the prestigious champion from the first Ultimate Car Design Battle, about how he felt before the competition.

“To tell you the truth, I am pretty nervous, but I will give you my best shot,” answered Mr. Sasaki, a bit pessimistically. 


The event started with some up-tempo music along with some energetic opening words from Mr. Yu Nakasone, the Principal of Car Design Academy and Mr. Takayuki Yamazaki, a former car designer at Honda. 

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The theme of the elimination round was to draw a “2-Seater Car”

Feeling the competitive vibe and aura from each one of the competitors’ strong pen movements and their thought out designs, the atmosphere soon became a heated warzone of creativeness after the start signal.

However, the environment quickly became a Zen-like zone of concentration middle way through the round. 

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With an unexpected number of very high quality sketches, 12 competitors were chosen to compete in the Finals.

Here are the 26 car sketches drawn only with 30 minutes by the competitors!

 “A Car Driven By Young People in 2050” was the theme for the Final Round.

Expressing their ideas as best as they can on a A3 sized piece of paper, the great pieces of work created by the competitors WOW’ed many professional designers attending the event. It really felt as the finals was a real war zone between each one of the students coming up from all over Japan and winning out the preliminaries. 

On the other hand, we saw many students who were not competing in the battle getting their portfolios checked by professional designers. As it was a very special atmosphere and a rare occasion being able to receive advice from a group of professional car designers from various companies, we saw many students aggressively taking advantage of the special opportunity. 

While checking the works of each student and competitor and chatting around with everyone, we here a strong voice behind us yelling “3..2..1.. TIME IS UP!!!” The sign that the finals round has ended.

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While the 30minutes flew by fast like a blink of an eye, we recognized that the faces of the competitors were relaxed and full of warm smiles after the ending call being able to escape their shell of concentration and nervousness.

Here are the 12 sketches of all the competitors of the Finals Round! 

The election process was very time consuming as all the works were very advanced and were above the expectations for the professional designers.

The event space was filled with a veil of seriousness from both parties curious about who is going to be the prizewinners. 

Aaaaand here come the results! 

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 <Champion> Mr. Shotaro Tokioka/Kanazawa College of Art

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<Car Styling Award> Mr. Takaaki Maeda/JVC Kenwood Design Corporation

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<Subaru Design Award> Mr. Yuusuke Ikeo/Chiba University

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<Yamaha Motor Co. Design Award> Mr. Kenshiro Otsu/University of Toyama  

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<Copic Award> Mr. Atsushi Sasaki/Tama Art University    

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<Japan Transport Engineering Company Award> Mr. Chihiro Goto/Tokyo Metropolitan University    

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<PDC Design Works Award> Mr. Yasuaki Iijima/Kanazawa College of Art

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<Tsunagu Award> Ms. Midori Kuga/Nihon Univerity

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Every single competitor who failed to make the preliminaries as well as the competitors who were not able to receive the prizes in the finals round all put in their best efforts to create their best works.

We would like to take this time to praise the 26 competitors who have participated in the “ULTIMATE CAR DESIGN BATTLE 2016.”


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The 2nd ULTIMATE CAR DESIGN BATTLE was very energetic and was successful again with the help of many students and professionals from many companies. We would like to thank all the companies that have helped sponsor this event as well as all the companies who have kindly provided us with special prizes. 

Mr. Tokioka, the Champion of the 2016 ULTIMATE CAR DESIGN BATTLE, failed to pass the preliminaries last year, but won his way up to the finals by participating in the event again this year.

We feel that Mr. Tokioka’s bitter experience from last year motivated him to dedicate a lot of his time to practice becoming better throughout the past year. We hope all the students studying to become car designers become motivated by Mr. Tokioka’s achievements and we also hope that Mr. Tokioka’s achievements lead more people to study car design too.

We here at Car Design Academy would like to plan an even more influential and powerful event for next year. 



Official Sponsor/Planning; Car Design Academy|NORI, inc.

In Cooperation with: Car Styling Magazine

Sponsored by: Tools International Corporation

Prize Offerings by: Japan Transport Engineering Company, Yamaha Motor Company, Car Styling Magazine, Tsunagu Design, PDC Designworks, Too Marker Products

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