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The Most Common Mistakes That Students Make in Their Car Sketches – 4. Drawing Tires and Ellipse Drawing

We will have a series of “What are the most 4 common mistakes when students draw car sketches.” Drawing car design is not an art. The sketch you are going to draw is a tool to communicate your idea in your brain on the 2D paper by showing 3D sketches. In Car Design Academy, we noticed some common mistakes or errors done by many students. I will explain these by showing examples.

1. A-Pillar Inclination

2. Lines-Vividness, Waving lines, Thickest line

3. Perspective (1) HL and VP

4. Drawing Tires and Ellipse Drawing


4. Drawing Tires and Ellipse Drawing

Ellipse shape in car designing is required when drawing Tires. Many mistakes are seen here. We are guessing one of the reason is the difficulty to draw Ellipse. When you draw Ellipse, make sure that top and bottom half of Ellipse have to be symmetrical as well as left and right half of Ellipse have to be symmetrical.

Bad example: Top and Bottom half, Left and Right half of tire is asymmetry.


For Perspective drawing of Ellipse, there is one rule that you have to be careful.

That is back side ellipse is narrower than the front one.


Bad example: The front and the Rear tires are same size, or the rear tire is bigger than front tire. 


One other Perspective related for Tire is the angle of Tire. It has to be in the same horizon, means looking at the same direction where overall Perspective is directing. In order to do so, you have to set the central axis, which is in line with other Perspective lines. Then draw 90 degrees angle center line. If your central axis is not in line with overall Perspective lines, then your center line, even it is 90 degrees, the tire will be out of Perspective.

Bad example: The central axis of tire is inaccurate in perspective.


Good Example: All three mistakes in above are resolved.



When you join Car Design Academy Total Course, you will learn these things from basic. These skill are very difficult to acquire just by yourself. You need professional coach tells you what is wrong and how to modify bad habits. Once you join CDA, you will be amazed how our instructors identify your bad habits and teach you many tips. We will have more articles for this series of “What are typical mistakes many people do not realize”