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Car Sketch Workshop —for setting accurate perspectives in your sketch—

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Car Design Academy organized car sketch workshop!

The workshop held at “Ryoutei” in Kiyosumi Garden in Tokyo.

We had been excited for having this workshop in this, such a nice Japanese garden.

The workshop consisted of 3 sessions.

All participants drew quarter view sketch at the beginning of the workshop.

Next, Mr. Can gave lecture how to draw sketch with accurate perspectives, and they did some drawing exercises with using grid lines.

Then, they drew up second quarter view sketch after the lecture.

Left; before the lecture Right; after the lecture

Mr. Can said,

At the end of this workshop, everyone could realize that how their sketches were improved comparing to their first sketch. The exercise with using grid lines is very effective to your sketch for the better. Please try to get the feeling of drawing through this practice by doing over and over.

We hope this workshop will be one of their helpful tips for drawing car sketches.