CDA Total Course
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24 weeks of one-on-one instruction for learning sketch skills necessary to car designing

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  • Duration: 24 Weeks
  • Mentoring Supports by Instructors*
  • 12 Feedback Videos (Advice & Corrections) from Instructor
  • The CDA Design Competition

*Besides the video feedback, students are able to attend 2 video conference with instructors as follow-up support.

An intense course for one who wants learn sketch skills

Professional car designers will fully maximize your ability through a unique method of CDA only made possible by one-on-one instructions. A guaranteed result in 24 weeks!

This course is
for someone who...

  • wants to improve sketch skills.

    The reason you feel limited when teaching yourself is because of lack of appropriate feedback. Experienced professional designer will guide you to a whole another level.

  • wants to learn basics of sketching.

    In product design, including car design, it is necessary to master the perspective theory. Through CDA's unique method, you will learn skills you would not learn from books.

Free Individual Information Session is a great way to ask questions to CDA instructors and find out more about studying with CDA.

What you learn in this course

  • Perspective theory
  • Correct proportion
  • Marker technique
  • Digital Paint Technique

Features of CDA

CDA’s unique method that accelerates your growth

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Online access to more than 500 student video tutorials Access anytime even after completion of the course

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The CDA Competition Competed by students from all over the world

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  • Q. How long does it take to finish one class?

    A. It depends on students' sketch level and learning speed. We ask students to secure at least one hour on weekdays and two hours on weekend. Also, your access to other students' works and video tutorials will be active even after your completion of the course.

  • Q. Are beginners accepted?

    A. The content of this course is constructed in a way beginners can also learn the basics from scratch. Also, we have a system that you can always ask questions. We will assist you until you get necessary skills.

  • Q. Are we allowed to take in-person lessons?

    A. We limit the opportunity to online lessons, however, we hold summer school so that fellow students can meet and get motivated from each other.

  • Q. Can I attend CDA course while I am learning product design at the college?

    A. Yes. There are many students who are attending CDA while studying at other school or working. We are proud to say that our course materials are used for some companies’ employee training. You can manage both learning in CDA and current school you are going.

  • Q. Can I take this course from abroad?

    A. Yes, you can. This is an online car design school. As far as you have an internet connection, there is no restriction of time and location in taking the course.

  • Q. What do I prepare for?

    A. You need a computer, marker digital paint software, and a pen tablet. You will need all of these within first two months. Marker: Copic Classic, or Copic Sketch (colors* C1,C2,C3,C5,C7C10,RV29,B41) As for digital tool, Photoshop or SAI is recommended. Wacom is recommended for pen tablet.

Tuition & Fees

CDA offers you the option to pay your tuition in one-time payment or through installments using a payment plan.
If you select an installment plan, you can pay by seven installments of 257 dollars for CDA Total Course –Ⅰ–.

Tuition and Fees Tuition and Fees

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