Car Design Total Course
- Period Ⅱ -

The 24 weeks for creating a work that you can use for your job hunting
*Those who have completed the Total Course Period Ⅰ, or who possess sufficient sketch skills that are equivalent to the Total Course Period Ⅰ, are eligible for this course. CDA reviews your works if you have not taken the Total Course Period 1 in order to determine your eligibility to this course, and you will be able to successfully participate in this course when you are admitted.

Course Start Date May  7,2019

Application Deadline Apr.  28,2019

We will create a unique and attractive portfolio.

Through working on an original work, you will experience actual procedures of design work. We anticipate the life of people in near future and create a concept matching today's needs. We also discuss the layout, so that it becomes realistically appealing presentation. For idea development, we foster understanding of the concept and expressiveness of sketching. We also learn rendering skills using a full digital tool. It is a course to learn both self expression and clarity of expression at a high level.

This course is
for someone who...

  • wants to improve you value as designer

    If you improve necessary skills as designer, it would expand your field of work much bigger. It is a tested program used for job training a at major car companies. We may incorporate some of insider information of the industry.

  • wants to create a work that can be used as sample for job hunting.

    We provide precious information from instructors who have worked at human resources office and car makers and design studios. We also provide acute feedback on your portfolio.

What you learn in this course

  • Concept Creation
  • Package Layout
  • Rendering Technique
  • Concept board
  • Portfolio

Features of CDA

CDA’s unique method that accelerates your growth

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Online access to more than 500 student video tutorials Access anytime even after completion of the course

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The CDA Competition Competed by students from all over the world

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Total - 24 Weeks

Create a portfolio that displays your charm and get selected


  • Q. How long does it take to finish one class?

    A. It depends on students' sketch level and learning speed. We ask students to secure at least one hour on weekdays and two hours on weekend. Also, your access to other students' works and video tutorials will be active even after your completion of the course.

  • Q. Are beginners accepted?

    A. The content of this course is constructed in a way beginners can also learn the basics from scratch. Also, we have a system that you can always ask questions. We will assist you until you get necessary skills.

  • Q. Are we allowed to take in-person lessons?

    A. We limit the opportunity to online lessons, however, we hold summer school so that fellow students can meet and get motivated from each other.

  • Q. I am learning product design. Can I double school?

    A. Yes. More than half of our students are double schooling. Our course has been applied to job training programs at car makers. We are confident with the quality of our course.

  • Q. Can I take this course from abroad?

    A. Yes, you can. This is an online car design school. As far as you have an internet connection, there is no restriction of time and location in taking the course.

Let's begin the course!

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  • Step 4.

    Orientation and Q&A session through webcam. And you are ready to start!