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Introduction to CDA Trial Course Overview

You are excited about learning car design but not sure if our courses are right for you?
This two-week trial course is the best way to experience CDA’s online car design learning.

This trial course offers you access to the 2 most popular lessons in CDA Exterior Course for FREE, letting you interact with our instructor through video conference and check out how our course is conducted. It will help you to decide on whether our online learning suits your learning style.

How it works?

<Story Setting to Proceed Trial Course>

You are currently working as a car exterior designer at major automaker. You are assigned to a new project in compact car which will be expected to debut 10 years from now.

Lesson 1
Let’s understand what is important about car sketch!
trial_lesson 01 This is a lecture video, “What is Purpose and Importance of Car Sketch” with Mr. Toshio Yamashita, a former Nissan car designer. With his extensive experience, he explains key points on sketch to win competition, and points to be focused when you improve your skills.
Read more about Mr.Yamashita
Lesson 2
Concept Planning and Car Design
trial_lesson 02 This is a lecture video, “What is Project Planning and Process in Vehicle” with Mr. Toshio Yamashita, a former Nissan car designer. He explains how to plan and build concept that will lead you to succeed in design.
Lesson 3
Let’s Create a Design Concept!
trial_lesson 03 Based on the hypothetical story in the beginning, please create a styling concept under a theme: “compact car which will be expected to debut 10 years from now.”
Lesson 4
Let’s draw a car sketch based on your concept!
trial_lesson 04 Based on your concept you have made, please create your own design and draw car sketch with using the layout.


As following instructions available online, you will complete all lessons and coursework by yourself within the course period of 2 weeks. In this course, your instructor will not provide feedback video. Once you joined, you can access to learning materials (video lectures and texts) even after the course period.

How to Start Your Free Trial

Please apply CDA Trial Course from the bottom of this page or the top of website. As soon as you complete the application, you will access to the course and start your trial.
If you have any questions or concerns during the trial, you can ask your instructor through our learning system (*The support is available during business days).

  • SETP 1: Review lecture video, texts, and create works.
  • STEP 2: Submit your works within 2 weeks.
  • STEP 3: Video Conference with your instructor.

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