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The discount of special offer applies to the first and second month only. You will pay the original price after that.

$449 / Month

You will receive 3 feedback videos from your instructor per a month. It would require you to finish up a lesson once a week and proceed lessons at a high pace. This plan would suit learners who would like to improve their skills in a short period of time.

$349 / Month

You will receive 2 feedback videosfrom your instructor per a month. You can proceed the lesson at a pace of once every two weeks. This plan would suit those who take our course while going to school or working.

$199 / Month

You will receive 1 feedback video from your instructor per a month. If you would like to learn at your own pace or at a slower pace than the rest of plans,this plan would suit you. This plan is also preferred by people who would like to try our courses.

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“Can I request a temporary leave of absence if I get busy and I am unable to attend the course?”」-probably you may think this for now. You will find the answer and find out more about studying with CDA from here.