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Free Individual Information Session Application Form

  • Before Sending Your Application Form
  • Please carefully read the following instruction, and complete the Application Form located under this section and click “SEND.”

  • Date
  • Please enter a few convenient dates and times (Japan Time) for the session in a specified section of the form.

  • The Length of Time
  • About 30 minutes

  • Contents
  • ✔School overview
  • ✔About our courses (texts, video materials)
  • ✔How to proceed your online study
  • ✔Question-and-Answer Session
  • ✔CDA instructor can give you advice on your works. If you would like to receive his advice, please send your works prior to the session via email.

  • After Sending Your Application Form
  • We will give you further information and URL for the session after confirming your application.
  • ✱Please make sure that your application will not be accepted on the day of Free Individual Information Session.

Please fill out all sections of this application and click “SEND.”