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Free Individual Information Session Application

  • Before Sending Your Message
  • Please carefully read the following instruction and send message.

  • Date
  • Please advise us a few convenient dates and times for the session via Facebook Messenger.
  • Example:4/1 9AM, 4/2 12PM , 4/3 5:30 PM
  • 【Note】
  • ✱1. Your preferred time must be shown in Japan Time.
  • ✱2. We’ll answer your message during our business hours, Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm.
  • ✱3. The site below helps you convert time zones and find the time.
    Time Zone Converter

  • The Length of Time
  • About 30 minutes

  • Contents
  • ✔School overview
  • ✔About our courses (texts, video materials)
  • ✔How to proceed your online study
  • ✔Question-and-Answer Session
  • ✔CDA instructor can give you advice on your works. If you would like to receive his advice, please send your works prior to the session via Facebook Messenger.

  • After Sending Your Message
  • We will give you further information and URL for the session after confirming your message.
  • ✱Please make sure that your application will not be accepted on the day of Free Individual Information Session.

Please click on the “Send Message” button below and send us at least 3 possible dates and times for the session.

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