CDA Total course - Ⅰ - application

One-Time Payment

Material/System fee : $1,000
Tuition fee : $1,500

Total fee : $2,500 Total fee : $

Installment Payment Plan

Material/System fee : $1,000
Tuition fee : $257 x 7 times

Total fee : $2,799 Total fee : $

Payment Method

Bank Transfer or PayPal

ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

Cancellation Policies:
You are allowed to cancel application without any penalty within 8 calendar days after the completion of your application.
If you decide to cancel application, please inform CDA Admission Office by e-mail at:
Your payment will not be refunded after 9 calendar days after the completion of application process.

Installment Payment: You are required to make an installment payment by the 20th day of each month.

Your application is not complete yet at this stage. After you send the Application Form, it will automatically direct you to the Tuition Payment Instruction Page. When we confirm your payment, your application process will be completed.

▼Please fill in all items in the form below. Once you complete filling out each item, click [SEND].