What kind of tools do I have to prepare?

The below list is a kind of mandatory tools which you have to prepare.

1. An Aqueous Ballpoint Pen or Felt Tip Pen

* You cannot use pencils and oil-based ballpoint pens for practicing sketch. The reason is that you can draw clean lines easily if you use pencil only by adjusting the pen pressure, which is not suitable for line drawing practice. After practicing by aqueous ballpoint pen or felt tip pen, you will find later on when you use pencil, your line drawing skill is significantly improved.

– For your guidance, our instructors are using

・Aqueous ballpoint pen: Mitsubishi Pencil Micro Rollerball pen Uni-Ball Eye (UB-150)

・Felt-tip pen: Pentel Sign Pen S520

Using Pencil is not allowed in CDA.

2. Graphic Tablet & Pen

You are required to use Photoshop or SAI,and Graphic Tablet and Pen are indispensable tools.

We recommend using Wacom.

3. Photoshop or SAI

If you already use other digital painting software, that is OK as well. (e.g. Sketch Book Pro)

4. Image Scanner or Scanner Apps. 

You will need to submit homework. To have scanning tool is a MUST.

5. COPIC Markers for Marker Technique Course.

C1,C2,C3,C5,C7,C10 COPIC markers. You will also need RV02 and RV29 for tail lamp design, and B41 for fog lamp design.
If you have already own your own markers, not Copic marker, that is OK as well.

Acquiring the above 5 items are your responsibility.

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